Talents Guadalajara Co-Production Meetings, is a professional pitching experience for feature film projects (documentary or fiction) in development.

Participants will experience an intensive pitching workshop with exclusive training for each project, and then present them to representatives of the international film industry, guests of the FICG Industry activities, with the objective of obtaining producers and co-producers for their films.

The call opens to producers and directors who have a production folder of a project under development with the following information: Bio-filmography of the producer and director, short and long synopsis, budget, provisional financing plan, stage of development of the project and an intention letter from the director.

Also, audiovisual materialmust be presented. Such as a teaser of the project or trailer with shot material of the project or, otherwise, a demo from the director with his previous works.

The projects received must be feature films that have not yet been filmed, with a completed script and at least 20% of financing already locked down.

To participate it is essential to speak English fluently, since most of the appointments are agreed with international producers.